Monday, 15 March 2010

Tears in the classroom

Today in my last class I made one of my students cry. Let me rephrase that, one of my students cried and it was maybe my fault. Over the years I've had more than a few criers and developed an immunity of sorts but this one caught me by surprise.

The boy didn't do his homework last week and I let him off because he's a new student. Today he had the homework done but it was incomplete so I got one of the other boys to explain what to do. I then proceeded to have a laugh with him and pretended I wanted him to sing or dance or tell a joke or tell me a story or beat me at rock, paper scissors. He beat me at that game and I said I wasn't giving him retest.

That was that I thought. Five minutes later he is silent but tears roll down his face. I didn't shout at him but perhaps he felt embarrassed by the attention I had given to the situation. By the way the boy is thirteen. It's rare to see a Middle School student cry. I felt sorry for him and questioned myself. Some kids are tougher than others I guess.

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