Monday, 16 August 2010

Lots of rain

I don't even need to look outside my window to see it's hot and sunny. The cicadas are in full swing and in full voice but I look outside and although a little overcast it is very bright. Set for another hot Summers day. But this Summer is a bit different.

Yes it's been hot, very hot but things don't feel the same. The rainy season is supposedly over (from my experience it lasts 2/3/4 weeks) but still it continues to rain on and off. Last week there was a typhoon which ended up having little effect on Daegu but it brought with it more rain. Perhaps nothing abnormal there but anything that shakes up this heat is welcome.

Yesterday it rained a lot. I nipped out to the shop and saw for myself how much it was raining. It rained for hours. This morning about 4:30am I awoke to another downpour and then thunder and lightning. I don't think I've ever heard thunder so loud it felt like I was in the centre of it all, though I did enjoy the 'light show'. I'm thankful I wasn't trapped outside in that thunder storm. Looking at my calender, maybe five more weeks of Summer to go.

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