Friday, 20 August 2010

Picking up Korean habits: Part 1

I'm slowly turning into a Korean. Well not really, but the longer I stay here the more habits, good and bad, I am inevitably picking up. This particular habit is a good one. Yesterday I took a toothbrush to work. No big deal but I've always perplexed when co-workers past and present would go and brush their teeth and then have a cup of tea or coffee. Whenever I saw that I thought it seemed a bit silly but not now I guess.

The Koreans I've been working with at my academy brush their teeth a lot, and why not. After giving it some thought I realised that I often drank a cup of coffee in the classroom and tucked into some hot food during my breaks. So after one of those brushing my teeth would be a good idea. I should have started doing this years ago. However, if I find myself wearing slippers at work I will shoot myself.

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