Sunday, 1 August 2010

When swearing is the only option

Rain and ever present grey skies practically every day of my week long jaunt back home in England left me missing both sunshine and an actual Summer. Of dear. Be careful what you wish for. Arriving at Incheon airport was OK. It was 9am when we got through immigration and customs before getting onto our bus. We got off the bus in Daegu at 1:30pm and I could only swear at what met us.

As I write this it is, quite frankly, too hot to do anything. The mid-day sun is amplifying things a bit so it won't be as hot all day but it's a bit of a come down from the jacket wearing weather of Greater Manchester. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be difficult isn't it? I'll be wearing my fake 'glad to be back' smile for a while.

I guess seven weeks left of this heat. Looking at the bright side, we're probably half way or more through Summer and then onto weather that actually makes you feel good and want to do things. The heat, in just the split second it took to come into affect instantly clarified the mind and confirmed that going home next year is 100% on.


Jimmy said...

I'm with you all the way here.
My girlfriend was thriving in the heat until about a week ago. Now our frail English bodies are begging for us to put the AC on. We're remaining defiant and making do with a cheaper alternative; a fan.

Talking to myself said...

I can't say I've ever thrived in the Summertime here and this is my fifth consecutive Korean Summer so your girlfriend was doing really well. I live in Daegu and it's very hot here...

I have my fan on as I type this but will switch to the aircon in a few minutes. If it's a saving money thing then I can tell you the AC is not too expensive. Your Winter gas bill will be higher if you have the heat on than the one you get for using AC now.

Good look with being defiant! I checked out your blog, a good read. Hope you both enjoy your time in Korea

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