Wednesday, 4 August 2010

When something is missing

Today was so hot that I took my bike to work. I cycled in on the hope that I would feel better than the five minute trek from my apartment to my academy. The five minute walk to work is extremely convenient for me. I can roll out of bed or whatever I'm doing or dash out if I'm busy and easily make it in without getting into any trouble. But in Summer those five minutes make you sweat and sweat and sweat. The worst five minutes of the day.

I was already running late. I was busy doing some house chores so I was still cooling off from my shower as I peddled my way in. No bother, the air conditioner would soothe my pain. But no. Not today. To my horror I found and I'm sure to everyone else' too I arrived with no sign of air con working. I checked the teachers room, reception and the study room and nothing. Bugger. Surely it was hot enough for the air con today?

I asked teachers, the receptionist and the jaeshi teachers and no one could give me a great answer. Eventually I found out that everything was off. All the rooms including the classrooms had their air con off because they were cleaning them. What a great time to clean everything, just before classes start. That's great planning. Oh and our manager was not in today which did not help the situation. Why not clean them last night, this morning or god forbid tonight after work?

I nipped into the coffee shop below and bought a drink. As I waited, the cool air surrounded me and the feeling was one of relief but I headed back upstairs to more pain. Just before the classes started the air con came in the teachers room but in the classrooms, nope. Not happening yet. Without the air con, rooms become like saunas here. It's not a nice feeling. How do Koreans not sweat in this weather?

I turned off the lights in the first class just to make me feel cooler. Ten seconds in and I feel saturated with sweat. Take it easy I think but that's easier said than done when you're trying to entertain ten kids who barely speak English. Ten minutes in and the air con starts up and is working for the rest of the day but the damage had already been done. Yes today was my wrst day at work in a long, long time. Oh Korea, why do you play with me with days like today? Curse this infernal heat.

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