Saturday, 28 August 2010

On the move again

Awaiting my visa I bided my time before emailing one of my managers on why it was taking so long. Before I could contact her two of the support team of my academy came to my branch to talk to everyone checking everything was OK. They told me there were a few delays but that they've applied for it. They gave me my passport and told me to bring it back at the end of September, presumably because they thought I might be going away at Chuseok. I'm not worried about the new visa, they said I didn't need any more things and it was just a delay.

And then came the second piece of news. I'd have to leave my apartment around November time. In short, the landlord of the building I live in is very difficult to deal with. He is not forthcoming with things he needs to provide and very slow and reluctant about fixing things with the apartments that really need fixing. He appears to be a curmudgeonly difficult middle aged man. And he also seems to be 'anti-foreigner' in some respects. Giving one example, there is a key to my apartment and he won't give it to us. Which, when you're paying the rent means its kind of your key and he needs to give it to you.

So, the support team have decided that enough is enough and they can't deal with him for any longer than they need to and won't be renewing the deal on my current apartment. So I have to move out in November. I don't know if that's the beginning or the end of that month, presumingly the end. I don't have any real say in this matter. I didn't know how my wife would feel but as she really dislikes the landlord she is looking forward to moving.

So where to then? The team told me that I would be staying 'in the area' but looking around I don't see anywhere obvious. They have reassured me that I will be moving to a place for two rather than the single room that I used to live in. They know I'm married so I've been promised a big enough place. We'll see, promises and reality aren't always the same thing. Given that I pay an extra 100,000won a month I am expecting a big apartment for two.

If pushed on the move, I'd say I am against it. I actually like where I live, the place is more than good enough for two people, the lay out is great and during the eight months we've been here I think we've both got used to living here. The big, big thing that I like about this place is that the three rooms are exposed to lots of natural light. Before, I felt like I lived in a cave, or a coffin, so dark were the places I'd been but here it's always bright. But move we shall do. I think the team will regret it when they have to help move all the stuff we've accumulated. That's going to be a nightmare for them but hopefully not for us.

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