Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Checking out villas

An update on the move situation. Today my wife and I were shown three apartments just two minutes walk away from where I live now. The first two were pretty poor and there's no way I'd pay 100,000won a month to live there. The last place was pretty good. It was a lot more spacious and had more natural light which are two things I value right now. We both agreed that this would be good enough to live here for the few months we have left. It felt good to finally be able to see where we might be living.

A second option was given to us - pay an extra 50,000won a month and move to an even bigger, newer villa. So on Wednesday or Thursday we're going to see another place. My wife seems keen on this idea but wants to see the place first. Either way both villas (when I think villa I think of sunny Spain) are in the same area which is also near all the other teachers I work with. It looks like we may be moving perhaps this time next week. Over the past 24hours the communication with work has been better and this is because my wife has got involved. The ball is now rolling.

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