Monday, 22 November 2010

Waiting to move

Some two months ago I was informed that I would have to move apartments in November. It's now the 22nd and work hasn't told me when I'm moving or where I'm going to (though I don't expect to be any more than ten minutes walk away from work). It's pretty obvious that they haven't found a suitable place yet but time is running out as I'm due to pay rent on where I live this Friday. This gives us only a few days to finish packing if indeed we need to.

I expect to hear something today on what's going on. Last Thursday I received a call telling me that the move was going ahead and would get an email back that night. Four days later and no email. Moving house is a bit of a pain considering I never asked to change. Lot's of packing and cleaning up. We've amassed a lot of stuff over the past eleven months so the guys at work who deal with these things and have to help me move everything may wish they'd decided to keep me here. I don't know what the apartment will look like or how big it will be - but I have been assured it will be the same size as where I live now.


조안나 said...

Don't you love the great communication here? When I was working for my old hagwon I got a knock at my door one day and they told me they were the realtor and they had come to show my (disaster of an) apartment to some people. They walked through the piles of clothes inspecting my windows, closets and fridge for 10 minutes before leaving. I called my boss immediately after to ask what the heck that was all about. She didn't know, talked to someone else, called me back and said, oh, the landlord is selling your apartment. You'll have to move next week. -_- WTF?

Talking to myself said...

If I could sort out one thing here it would be communication. I'm always the last to know stuff even when telling me earlier would make things better.

Horror stories of Korean apartments are legion. I worked with a girl who told me her previous academy had a washing machine in the (small) bathroom. My first apartment here some five years ago I remember well. The bed was broken and I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor for three months.

Luckily things seem to be working out for me. My wife who is Korean is basically now in charge of things on our side. She keeps phoning them to get things moving and now they don't call me they call her.

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