Friday, 26 November 2010

Friendly rivalry

On Tuesdays and Fridays I teach my youngest and lowest level class with just four students. This class is always a lot of fun and full of incidents. One boy is a little different to the others - he once had to be dragged out of class by the jaeshi teachers like a prisoner from Guantanamo bay. He has calmed down and seems to enjoy class and also the learning process. The others make fun of him but I make sure to give him lots of encouragement.

On Wednesday they are taught by my co-worker Ivan. From all accounts they really love what goes on there. Myself and Ivan are trying to make our classes more interesting by making the class more fun and asking the kids questions that make them think more. Often they give a funny answer but always they are very engaged by the whole thing.

Recently I have begun a 'rivalry' with Ivan. I let the students think that we are enemies and always competing against each other with the hope that they use their improving English with creative sentences. I think it's working but we'll see. On Wednesday the situation is reversed with myself teaching Ivan's low level class. Here the class has begun making great questions about the rivalry between myself and Ivan. An example can be found here.

Right now it's a lot of fun and I wonder what's going to happen next. For what it's worth I think Ivan's class like me and my class likes Ivan. As long as they enjoy learning I think we are all happy. At least both classes are never boring.

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조안나 said...

Whoever drew that picture is definitely your fan.

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