Monday, 1 November 2010

Six to go

Six months left in Daegu, Korea. Not time to wind down yet or pack up my things but it feels great to know that the end is in sight.

Over the weekend we went to a travel agent that we've used a lot for trips and she told us that we may not be able to get cheap flights to Hong Kong. We were planning to go there for Korean New Year. If we can't go then we can't go but the both of us would really like to go somewhere then. Still, if we stay in Korea we will be saving a lot of money.

Money, always on my mind. With six months to go almost every thing I do I am scrutinising. Do I need that expensive coffee? Do I need another beer? My Costco membership is up and I'm faced with the dilemma of renewing or now. I think I will because I can't go without the food I get there. Luckily, beyond day to day expenses, birthdays and holidays I don't need to buy many things from now until we leave.

I need to step up my saving. Every month I have a target and it's not always easy to meet it. Now with so little time left and no big bonus OR pension at the end of my contract if I don't try harder to save I may not meet the target I have set for my wife and I for moving to England where everything is much, much more expensive. Hopefully a cheao month for me.

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조안나 said...

Jeju airlines goes to hong kong now... I bought my ticket to Japan for winter vaca with them on thier website and it was super cheap (for a japan ticket) so check them out and see how hong kong flight prices are...

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