Sunday, 31 October 2010

Time flies

Today marks five years since I arrived in Korea. Hard to contemplate at times but here I am. Five years does seem an awful long time doesn't it? A quick look at my calender at work on Friday and I saw that I've twenty six weeks left here. Seems somehow shorter than six months. Hope time flies in the best possible way.

Alas it's not plain sailing. Work is dragging along. I can't say that I am enjoying most of my classes. There are ups and downs as always. This time last week my laptop screen broke. It's not worth fixing so I will trundle on till I get home and splash out then. Luckily my wife has one and is even planning to buy a new one soon. My laptop is almost indispensable. My music, my photo's, my movies and of course the all important internet access. Beholden to technology it would seem.

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