Friday, 22 October 2010

Occupational hazard

Another day another cold. What is it with this place of late? I just can't stay 100% healthy. I look at my diet and think, OK no great but not bad so it's not that. I've been here long enough to build up a decent immune system and I take vitamin C as well as drink orange juice. I am getting enough sleep and have little to no stress. Oh yeah, I work in Korea. In an academy. With kids. Who always have colds. Because they get them off the people they are surrounded by. Because when they cough they don't cover their hands or face so spread germs around. And also they tend to have a habit of not washing their hands. Mind you, there's no soap in the bathroom where I work. I love being here, just not when I am sick - which feels like an occupational hazard at times here.


조안나 said...

My first year here I spent the first 9 or 10 months perpetually in some state of sickness.

When I came back, I stayed relatively healthy until about month 7... now I'm up to the end of month 9 and every day I have to clean up a huge pile of tissues that have collected next to my computer before I go to bed. I can tell just how sick by how big the pile is, but even today, when I'm feeling *relatively* well, I can still count 5 tissues. I'd like to remember what it's like to not have to keep the tissue box within arms reach at all times.

Talking to myself said...

It's funny how similar your story is to mine. For the first 2 or 3 years I was pretty much healthy but since then I've been more susceptible to colds. Like you in the morning I am waking up to Mt. Tissue next to my bed, honking my nose at night blowing it and in the mornings I keep getting a killer sore throat.

Today I went to the doctor for some more medicine - which works - and she gave also gave me a months supply of something to prevent future colds. hope it works and that you keep healthy in this not so healthy season.

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