Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Keep fit mission

Today my wife and I joined a gym. We've talked about it for a bit and we both need and want to lose some weight and be in better shape. Although I do taekwondo it's only three days a week and it is not always as strenuous as I need. Given the luxury of a surplus of time it makes sense to do something else.

We scoped out a few places and chose one that I went to over four years ago. It's not big but clean, has enough machines to do what we want, is only fifteen minutes walk from our home, and is crucially is not busy at the time we want to go - around 8:30am. We paid 100,000won for four months. At todays exchange rate it works out at about £14 a month. Pretty cheap I think compared to gyms back home.

Today we took it lightly as we will do for the first month. We both really enjoyed it and felt great afterwards. One downer for me was the machine we used for checking our weight, height and age to figure out how out of shape we are. The machine claims that I have the body of a thirty six year old - four years older than I really am. It gave a figure of how much body fat I have and I have far too much. It also gave me levels to aim for or what I should be. Something to go for but I need to watch what I eat a bit more and drink less beer.

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