Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Some wedding anniversary snaps

We spent our weekend celebrating our first wedding anniversary in Seoul. We pushed the boat out a bit for the hotel. It wasn't cheap but we went for a nice package deal at the Novotel in Gangnam, an area I'd never been to and quite liked whilst there.

The first thing we did when we got to Seoul was go to Itaewon for some food. We headed to Suji's restaurant. We'd never been there and I'm glad we went. Although pricey our meals were tasty and filling. I wish I could get a Reubens sandwich in Daegu - or any decent sandwich here to be honest.

I was stuffed and my wife was full up too so we got the subway to our hotel. Our package deal got us quite a few things for free thrown in including free drinks for two and a half hours. Needless to say I enjoyed this part. It was also the first time I'd worn my suit since our 'wedding celebration in May'. After drinks we ate in the hotel restaurant which again was expensive but the food was very good.

The next day we had no real plan so after the wonderful hotel breakfast we walked around Myeongdong window shopping because eventually going to Itaewon again, this time to the Wolfhound pub. I find myself going there every time in Seoul. We both relaxed and had dinner and beer before heading home to Daegu. I wonder what is in store for us next year.

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Diana said...

Nice pictures!

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