Friday, 8 October 2010

Koreans love sauce

I'm still baffled by the apparent addiction of most Koreans to add sauce to almost everything. It's a personal choice but I just don't get it. Sure some things taste better with sauce or some kind of dressing but surely not to the extent that we find here. I'm tempted to suggest that sauce covers up a lack of flavour rather than enhancing it. I don't think I've ever seen a Korean eat chicken without some kind of sauce - and Koreans love chicken.

You usually find that the sauce in Korea comes in two kinds, sweet or spicy - which leaves a lot of things tasting a little similar. I know sweet sauces on salads and other things isn't just a Korean thing but it is found here more than I'm used to. Here we find my co-workers salad along with the sauce she was eating it with. The sauce is strawberry sauce and I can't imagine I'd ever put that combination together. My co-worker liked it so maybe it really was good but I think this is one Korean habit I won't pick up.

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