Monday, 16 February 2009


Following on from events of last week in the classroom I was intrigued as to how one of my classes would go today. Thankfully my student apologised for the cheating last week and we moved on and even had a more constructive class than usual. He seemed very genuine and contrite. He must have apologised some five times. I told him I was pleased with his apology, and that too was genuine because although out here I (ESL teacher) am thought of more monkey than organ grinder, some respect is important. This made me also feel glad that I didn't make a big scene last week.

I feel it's very important to try to not bring past issues into the classroom and every day is a clean slate for the students, even if it's hard sometimes. The boy in question is definitely not a 'bad' boy and it again shows you how much pressure there is on some kids to succeed.

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