Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dozen. Currently my least favourite word

Today I had a check up at the doctor's who confirmed that I would need more injections. This time there would be injections on my right foot, whilst some additional ones to my left. I was prepared for more needles but anticipated only two or three, however the doctor had other plans. As the first injection went in he said, "Yeah, maybe a dozen today". I'm sure you can imagine how I felt. The pain isn't terrible but it isn't fun either. At the moment I am thankfully not in too much discomfort but there is a slight burning sensation and my feet are a bit itchy. It's better than two weeks ago but time will tell.

I certainly underestimated how many injections I had last time, so maybe in total I have had thirty on the soles of my feet, but perhaps that part of the treatment is over now. It would appear that the problem will not be cured as quickly as I had first hoped. Right now I feel that it may take three-four weeks to clear up. I wonder if it will affect my holiday or not.

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