Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hear No Evil (speak no evil)

Last weekend at the doctor's it was again pointed out to me by a Korean that I sound like a North American (according to him). I have posted about this before and my feelings remain the same but I still wonder why. During the past few months I have been presumed to be from America, Canada and also Australia but hardly ever from England. This is plainly untrue to anyone from the Western world. In fact those who know me better than most would say that my accent is a very strong Northern English accent.

I never pronounce things in a fake N. American voice and intensely dislike using American pronunciation/spelling. There is a definite difference in pronunciation, intonation and use of vocabulary. I have retained my accent but have a clearer voice, nothing else. I don't feel any anger or disappointment, just bewilderment but I wonder if it is laziness on the part of Koreans or just lack of exposure to other voices. There is more to the world that North America.

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