Sunday, 22 February 2009


Thank god I'm not a big fan of TV. Back home for the week there are many things to think about and many things to do, but right now at 9:30pm on Sunday night I'm staying in because I'm still jet lagged and all I can think about is how bad ITV is. No redeeming features (even the dire adverts are better than the programs). The program on now is Dancing On Ice (I think). If you don't know what it's about then good for you.

It's a fine example of the malaise of current British television. What a depressing thought it is that millions of people watch this and like it. The premise, 'talent' and execution are all of the lowest quality. What a sad reflection of my country. Could Alan Partridge's pitch for Monkey Tennis ever come true? It'd be a big improvement on this I'm pretty sure. A reappraisal of Korean TV is perhaps in order.

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