Friday, 13 February 2009


The weather in Korea has been very comfortable lately - not cold but not yet warm. Perhaps there is still a cold snap to come but the signs are that Winter is over for another year. Indeed today, I am told it was around 20°C. The sun is shining and people seem to be happier. Despite this, someone is keeping the heating on in the teachers room.

Who can it be? Of course I have my suspicions. I have questioned several people and they all deny turning it on and even admit that they want it off and that it should not be on. Right now I am not wearing a coat to work, it's that comfortable right now. It's not only a waste of money but it's annoying several people especially me, who happens to sit right next to the heater. I question the sanity of anyone who needs the heater on right now and wonder if they have an agenda.

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