Monday, 2 March 2009

Back to normality (sic)

Back at work today. Not much has changed, except for my new partner teacher who is male (a rarity for Korean English teachers in Academies) - I'm hoping all goes well there because it will make my life easier. It seemed like most of my students were happy to see me back (with one notable exception!). Whilst I did enjoy my time at home I do actually enjoy the process of being at work and interacting with people so in that sense it is nice to be back.

Today's also the first day of the new month (teaching wise) so this week there is no time for rest, with more preparation due than usual and also trying to figure out the names and abilities of some of my new students. Right now, I'm still experiencing some jet-lag and my sleep pattern is not settled yet. I woke up at 2pm today, almost unheard of for me lately. I have a busy next few days. No rest for the wicked. Plenty of coffee this week I think.

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