Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thinking out loud

Next week one of my Korean friends goes to Australia to travel and work for the next ten months. I must say that I am a little jealous, but in the best possible way. Other people I know have been on some pretty adventurous trips around the world so right now I feel a little incomplete and unfulfilled. Leaving the UK has not made the world seem smaller, rather the world now seems so much larger with many more places left undiscovered for me.

I cannot turn back the clock, only hope to go forward to new sights. The more you are are exposed to the possibility to travel, the more you want to, desperately at times. Moving to Asia has opened up a new world for me that I hope I have the time and money to explore. I've been lucky enough here to see Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong but there are plenty more places to go to. Just to mention a few on my hit-list, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau and Vietnam.

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Hitomi.I said...

I totally understand what you mean.
For me, meeting people from different places and seeing them again somewhere we never expect lets me feel the world is small but the more you meet people and the more you learn about new places the more you realise there're thousands of places undiscovered, which gets me excited. It has always been one of my purposes to do a big world trip. (planning in 2-3 years time) am still trying to find the theme for it to make it more meaningful...let's see how it goes. hope we both will update each other on this exciting idea!

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