Thursday, 5 March 2009

A timely boost

Today's overcast skies and drizzle were in stark contrast to yesterdays coming of Spring. I found myself having a mixed day at work with plenty of laughs but more than my fair share of struggles explaining things to new students and also what perpetually turn out to be false expectations of some of my students. Thankfully my latest trip to the doctor brought some encouraging news. I was certain I'd need more injections in my feet but that's not how it turned out. Instead, I was given more pills to take with the aim of drawing out the problem. This was most unexpected and most appreciated. I go back in two more weeks and let's see how this goes.

Since the first medical assessment I haven't been able to go to Hapkido but yesterday I received a call from my Hapkido Master. I reassured him I'd be back but needed more time. It was a boost to hear from him as he too seemed glad to talk to me. It reinforced to me my already high opinion of the man. My absence from training has given me time to do more things but also left me bored and kicking my heels in frustration. By not training, there's no way I can be ready for this month's test which is a blow but not the end of the world. Also by not training, I'm not going forward or even standing still (technique-wise) I'm going backwards, so next week will surely be a difficult one for me presuming I can get back to the dojang. Meanwhile I don't seem to have put on too much weight, which would seem a minor miracle given what I've been eating and drinking.

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