Sunday, 11 October 2009

365 days to go (fingers crossed)

My new contract starts today. So there are 365 days left to go before I'm scheduled to leave. Who knows, I could go sooner or perhaps even later (unlikely). My official last day of work in Korea looks like it will be October 8th. Can I and will I make the most of the time left? Am I supposed to do anything significant with this time?

My departure seems so far off right now but in reality it is within touching distance and much of what I am doing is geared to my life after leaving Korea, mentally at least. So one more year left of the same boring lessons at work with only the students making the working day worthwhile. Will the next year fly by or will it drag and feel life a lifetime? Time to set some targets I think. How much money can I make, what places can I see and can I get fitter etc, etc.

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