Monday, 12 October 2009

End of year bonus

What does a years worth of coins look like in Korea and how much are they worth? From talking to a few co-workers I think I accumulate more coins than most people. This comes from a decision here to only use notes when paying for something which means I get a lot of change as the weeks go by. The theory is that by using only notes, the coins add up slowly and when it comes round to cashing in the coins I have money that I haven't been accounting for and feels like a nice bonus.

Korean coins come in denominations of 500, 100, 50 and 10 won. The 500 won coin is not actually worth much, about £0.25. It would be nice to have the equivalent of the British £1 or £2 coins. I don't think the picture below shows clear enough but the four jars and bottles were heavy. The larger bottle is actually a two litre water bottle filled almost to the top with 100 won coins. This time last year I had about the same amount, before someone climbed into my apartment from the window and stole them from my home, so I am thankful not to have a repeat this year. For the record I saved 336,190 won which works out at about £182.

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