Monday, 12 October 2009

Blue Monday

This time last week I was still in Hong Kong, relaxing and enjoying my time away from the mundane routine of work. Now I am sitting at my computer in my apartment in Daegu, South Korea waiting to go to the classroom for five more days of repetition before the weekend is here. A bit of a comedown but everyone has to go to work. What else will pay the bills? Still, just one year from now and I can take as much time off as I want, travel to different places before succumbing to reality once more.

Today sees the start of a new series at my academy. A series refers to four weeks of lessons for my students, after which they either level up or stay at the same level. After some series, your schedule changes either for the better or for the worse. After months of no changes (apart from Wednesdays) I've got rid of one of my more 'challenging' classes and had it replaced with a higher level. I haven't taught any high level classes for over a year now but don't anticipate any difficulties. I'm just hoping the students are motivated and are interesting kids, not middle school zombies. I hope to post a write up on Hong Kong as well as some decent pictures over the next few days.

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