Monday, 26 October 2009

Torres: A hangover cure for a Liverpool fan in Korea

Yesterday I nursed one of the worst hangovers of my life. Bedridden for nearly the entire day it was left to my wife to 'get me back to some kind of normality'. She did a great job I can tell you. And the wonders of Korean medicine did the trick too (god bless the sweet liquid I took). I may have had the worst headache of my life but some six hours after waking up it was gone. The pain was over but the body still ached and only time, and pizza would fix this. However something else would make me feel as if I had never been sick - Fernando Torres, Liverpools number 9. Any game between Liverpool and Man Utd is bigger than big but this time Liverpool were coming off the back of four consecutive defeats. Staring the end of the season down the barrel, Liverpool duly obliged with the win courtesy of Fernando and co. Almost nothing can top a win over them. However bad the day was when I woke up it couldn't have got much better as the day came to a close. The season is alive again.

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