Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Double take

Every day at work I get my temperature checked at work. I have been doing this for around a month or so now. I don't mind or object to these. I am not sick and have nothing to hide and understand it is for my benefit as well as for my co-workers and students - though why the students don't have them I still can't figure out. Now I am back from Hong Kong, where there is NO hysteria regarding H1N1. Korea seems to think that place is flu city central.

Yesterday someone working for my academy came to my house, before work, to check my temperature. I thought this was a one off especially as I then had my temperature checked later at work. Just now the same guy as yesterday came to my house and checked my ear temperature again. Will this carry on all week? When will the hysteria in Korea die down? Hong Kong didn't seem to be in such a panic. This is all such a waste of time.

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