Friday, 9 October 2009

Early Autumn splendor in Korea

This week in Korea we have seen a noticeable change in the seasons. Autumn has been with us for a while now but temperatures were still high until this week where we have seen a 4/5° C drop. The daytime is much cooler and it is nearly cold at night. Students begin to complain about the cold after the excesses of Summers heat. The wind has picked up and I even wore a jumper to work on Wednesday.

Other noticeable changes though are in the nature that surrounds us. The leaves are slowly starting to change colour and beginning to fall onto the floor. Korea seems to be alive after the long drawn out Summer. Now is the time to enjoy what nature and the season of Autumn can give us with its beautiful colours. I look forward to this, one of my last Autumns in Korea with affection and enjoyment. This is Koreas best season.

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