Sunday, 6 September 2009

£1 H1N1 solution

Today I purchased my now mandatory-for-work face mask. It cost 2,000₩ or £1. As I said when I found out it was compulsory for work, I don't object to it whatsoever but this cynical Englishman finds it hard to believe that £1 will prevent me from picking up H1N1 or other problems. Especially when there is no soap in the bathrooms at work! Old habits die hard in this country and there certainly are some hygiene issues that need dealing with before getting hysterical about influenza. On a side note, I look ridiculous with the mask on. I would dearly love to go to work wearing something like the William Shatner/Halloween mask but I think that's out of the question here.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Our school has implemented many of the same things you describe (sans masks for staff) and I have pretty much the same opinion.

While our bathrooms do have soap, only a fraction of the kids use it after they visit the facilities.

I just hope that cooler minds prevail at my school. I do know that we have sent a few kids home for higher than normal temps and if their siblings were at a school with confirmed flu cases.

Talking to myself said...

Here's hoping that everything gets better (quickly) and common sense prevails over hysteria.

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