Monday, 7 September 2009

Masquerade day at work in Korea

Today was the first day of the rules implemented to help 'prevent' H1N1 at my workplace. All the teachers had face masks on at work. However about 50% of my students didn't bring them and those that did, didn't like wearing them so in general didn't for most of the classes. I expected a kaleidoscope of colours and a display of Korean popular youth culture on the kids faces but today it just wasn't to be.

I had interpreted the information given to me by my managers to be that student's must wear them at all times inside the academy. This was far from the case so either I got this wrong or the suggestions were not being implemented. A far bigger issue, for me was that some of the Korean staff were taking this less than seriously. Either we all we wear the masks or we all don't. A halfway house cannot work. So far so useless. But we will persist. Here are some pictures of some of my students taken today at work. Some with masks, some without and some improvising.

Teacher: "Where is your mask?"
Student: "Errrr. I was busy"

A student clearly enjoying my class. By that I mean not listening to me and drawing for fifty minutes.

A success story!

Face mask or napkin? Or towel? Or nappy? Improvisation is what it is!

Making the best out of the situation. I guess.

More to come as the story continues...

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