Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hapkdip black belt test coming up

I've pretty much learned all the things I need to learn for my next hapkido test. There is just some fine tuning left before next weekends test for my 2nd degree black belt. This is the thing that's been a big motivation for me over the past twelve months. As in previous tests I am a little nervous but my technique is sound enough to pass. Also, like previous tests I feel compelled to try extra hard because I am the only 'foreigner' at my dojang, where a whole bunch of kids and their relatives will be gawping at me for a while.

Another motivation arrived yesterday when I was handed the form I need to fill in to take the test. Every time I take a test I have to pay a fee. As was with my 1st degree black belt test this time the fee is a lot higher because you get a new belt plus other things when you pass. The belt is very nice to look at. Last time the fee was £75 but this time it is £100 (200,000 won). Doh. It will be worth it when I pass the test and pick up the new belt at the pre-test ceremony in November. I have no fear of failing. My Master knows my strengths and weakness' and seems to think my technique is getting better and better.

Right now my body is aching after all the jumping around and falling I've been doing this week. There are just six more practice sessions before the test and hopefully I can get some rest when I'm not training - i.e. at work. After the test I will take some time out to relax, go on holiday and get some small medical problems looked at. Beyond that I feel that maybe I have perhaps six-eight months left of hapkido in Korea. It will be a sad day when I pack it in here but that's some way off for now.

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