Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cashing in some of my chips

Yesterday was pay day and possibly the biggest single pay day I will see in my life. On top of my monthly wage I picked my assorted bonuses for finishing my contract and I can tell you I am one happy man right now. The bonuses for an ESL teacher in Korea can make it worthwhile living here, that's for sure. I have a few days left on my current contract but I got paid up for the whole twelve months. One thing though. My maths and the accounting staffs maths seem to be different and I feel I am missing around £150-300. I cannot dispute this yet as I am yet to receive my pay slip though should get it any day soon. I hope everything can be ironed out soon.

Pay day has come at the right time as the exchange rates have recently been pretty favourable. About three months ago £1 was about 2,100 won and now the rate is around £1 = 1900 won which is not bad at all. Not perfect and not even a twelve month high but OK considering around one year ago £1 was 2413 won. I don't know if its a strengthened Korean won or a weakened British pound but I suspect its a stronger Korean currency. I have sent home roughly three months salary with more to be sent home after I come back from Hong Kong. Maybe the exchange will be even better then, who knows.

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