Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A room in Korea: ESL teacher homelife

For most ESL teachers here in Korea their housing is much smaller than where they come from. You usually live alone so there is no need for extra rooms. Life is more spartan than 'we' are used to, but you adapt and get more used to the conditions and the limitations. In my current housing I have one basic room where I live. For better or for worse that is what many teachers have.

I don't consider my home here to be good but as it's just me that lives here I am now used to it. If I had to live here for the rest of my life I would probably go mad in my little 'Korean padded cell' though. Of course I have a bathroom and a kitchen too, but they are pretty small. A few months ago I took this video to show what my apartment looked like. My room has changed a little since then but not a lot. From what I know, some Korean homes are a little similar, just on a larger scale due to there being more than one person living there. If you come to Korea to work, don't expect to live in a palace of a penthouse suite.

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