Monday, 29 June 2009

TV turn off

Perhaps now is the time to cut down on the old TV. Recent changes to my (apparently free) cable package have been on the negative side. I probably watch too much TV anyway but I like to go to sleep hearing some speaking English and am now restricted to either falling asleep to CNN or some film that's been on a million times before. Whilst many of the channels remain the same, some, like the Discovery channel have been replaced by a Fashion channel. Some of the more low profile film channels have been replaced with even lower quality 'entertainment' channels that show repeats of shows up to and beyond two years old - still better than having Dad's Army on endlessly! A quick flick through the channels tell me that there is now a fishing channel, a Chinese language channel, a Japanese language channel, two channels that show old men and women singing all day, three religious channels, two video game channels and two golf channels. I hate golf.

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