Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Blood, sweat and beers

Every few weeks or so I try to push myself harder when I go to hapkido especially as a test appears on the horizon. This is because I often feel that I'm not giving it everything when I train even though I always have the best intentions. At the moment pushing myself harder is very difficult. We're in Summer and it's not just roasting outside but inside buildings get deceptively hot. I am sweating buckets every night, washing my uniforms nearly every night too.

From time to time I see my technique improve and it's really a thrill. I still see myself as a novice who is bumbling his way through the ranks but when you can see and feel yourself getting better and doing things you couldn't previously then it makes all the effort worthwhile. Right now I am laying off the beers despite the extreme temptations provided by the heat. I'm crossing my fingers that it works and that I can lose weight, become healthier and also save some money. It won't last but for now my intentions remain good.

Today I trained as hard as my body and the heat would let me (not as hard as I want to though). I took my camera to film a move or two that I've been working on for many many months but have started to perform ok. In the video I am doing a neck spring and sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't. Usually I do this while in motion (jumping up and backward then rolling backwards to spring up onto my feet) but I've been trying to do it sitting at the start. The clip was taken at the end of a long day (midnight) and at the end of the training session. If you stumble on this blog and watch this clip you may think it's easy to do or not impressive - and maybe you're right, but I know that I've tried for months and months to do make this look a little easy and it feels good to get something right after struggling for so long. I still look a little awkward but things are improving.

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