Thursday, 2 July 2009

Michael Jackson's most surreal speech. In the UK!

If you put every word in the English dictionary and every name of a celebrity over the past fifty years into a hat and had to pull out seven words and names then the chances are that 'Michael Jackson', 'Uri Geller', 'David Blaine,' 'football', 'Exeter City' and 'AIDS' would not come out. Even if they did you may say I can't make a sentence with those words. What is clear is that you probably could not come up with a story as surreal as what happened in real life just a few years ago.

Seven years ago, Michael Jackson (the biggest name on the planet) was made a director of Exeter City (small professional English football club) in a staggering effort to give illogical credence to a potential takeover of a lower league football team - the phrase, over egging the pudding doesn't quite cover this effort!. Long time spoon bender Uri Geller was central to the story and is captured alongside fellow oddball and illusionist David Blaine standing right next to Michael Jackson. You can read more on the incredible story here. Actually that story is a really good read.

This may not translate well to people outside of the UK, but to people from the United Kingdom, Exeter City, though a fine club with many merits are one of the smallest clubs in England and to a great many people are considered irrelevant. This is Michael Jackson, THE Michael Jackson turning up NOT at Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal, but Exeter City. Folks this is bizarre as I can remember. I remember this happening back then but it didn't truly dawn on me how insane it actually was. an amazing publicity stunt that in hindsight didn't work out (because this is Exeter!). A further report and clip of superior quality than that at the bottom of this post can be found here.

You cannot have avoided the news of Michael Jackson's death. Anyone over the age of twenty cannot help but be in some way affected by what has happened. When someone who everyone knows about and who everyone has an opinion of passes away then it is very hard to not spend some time, be it seconds or whatever mulling over a life of someone who has touched so many. I digress, ignore the video for it is irrelevant and frankly unwatchable, just listen to the audio of this surreal peace of Michael Jackon's remarkable history.

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