Monday, 20 July 2009


It's just started to throw it down here in Daegu, Korea. Thunder and lightning, the whole violent works - the loudest lightning I think I've ever heard. This is actually VERY VERY LOUD and I am thankful I didn't walk out to this after hapkido. I can see the lightning even through my kitchen window which has a restricted view of the outside world. This is the story of rainy season 2009. Compared to last year it has rained a lot but I wonder why this Summer this is happening at night. Most of the rain has come after midnight which is good for most people but not me. I like the rain, it reminds me of home and takes the sting out of the heavy Summer days. The rainy season is coming to an end possibly this week leaving us with eight or nine weeks of oppressive heat. Perhaps next Summer we will get some more day time rain. Again, always thinking about the future.

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