Wednesday, 8 July 2009

All work and no play

As the rain poured down for most of yesterday I was reminded of home once more, but I was not homesick. There is no great desire to return home just yet but there is a growing need to go somewhere, preferably soon.

I have had two vacation requests turned down lately - only for single days and unsurprisingly turned down because I asked at too short notice. Many of my co-workers are coming back from holidays, on them or ready to take them very soon. Countries such as The Philippines, Japan and Vietnam, places my co-workers are having travels and places that have never looked so appealing or so out of reach. It's in the rainy season so I don't feel desperate for a break but this will end sooner or later and I'm pretty certain I'll feel the need to recharge my batteries. All I can think about is travel, food and beer.

Looking on the bright side, having no holiday this Summer means I can save between £500-1,000 but some time away from working is probably needed. My next holiday is in October some three months away and will probably be four days in Hong Kong & Macau. Something to look forward to but still some way off in the horizon right now. One thing is sure, when the heat cranks up I won't want to be traipsing all over Korea. It's a stamp in my passport or nothing.

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