Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sticks and stones: North Korea takes on Hillary Clinton

When North Korea speaks, the world listens. Partly because they are unstable and as a country are insane but also because nearly everything that is pumped out of their propaganda machine is hilarious. You can always rely on them to come out with something entertaining especially when responding to criticism (mainly from America).

Following another comment on the almost total isolation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the guys from the North drop a bombshell on the Obama administration. Clinton's comment: "There is no place to go for North Korea; they have no friends left that will protect them from the international community's efforts to move towards denuclearisation."

This came this from one of a North Korean spokesmen. "Her words suggest that she is by no means intelligent. Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping. Anyone making misstatements has to pay for them."

So there you are, take that Clinton and Obama. Kapow - North Korean style. How can she recover from the mortally wounding blow of being called a pensioner AND a schoolgirl. I look forward to hearing more from Pyongyang in the future. Entertaining as always.

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