Monday, 27 July 2009

Latest hapkido test

Saturday's belt test has come and gone. On the whole it was a success but there is still much work to be done and many many improvements to be made. I didn't win any prizes and didn't expect to after my test but I did accomplish some things that I had been aiming for. The test took place at my dojang with roughly fifty other students in attendance, twenty or so adults and children watching and four judges observing.

On the negative side, my kicking was poor and as usual the self defence moves were not as fluid as they are in training - due to only meeting my test partner on the day of the test hence only being able to practice this with him once. So there is definite room for improvement. On the positive side, the combination moves went better than previous tests and I was also fairly relaxed on test day. So, looking at my situation, everything (test related) that I have practiced over the past months I can now do. I wonder what things I will be learning in the future. Maybe fine tuning is what's in store for now.

Watching the students then back at myself on the video, I feel and look ungainly and lacking the grace some of the youngsters have. Perhaps that will never come and I am realistic with how far I can go with this. It is a nice feeling though to see things getting better, things you practiced but couldn't do working out when it mattered.

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