Thursday, 16 July 2009

Up and down

I'm struggling for motivation right now. I'd like to leave my job but there are three months left before I can pick up a considerable bonus, then twelve more months in store for me. Have I done all I can do here at work? That's the way it feels right now. Doing the same thing week after week. but that's how most people feel in their jobs isn't it? Perhaps this is just my feelings in the aftermath of another Wednesday where some of my higher level students have seem to have the imagination of a brick wall. I'm sure it's just a Summer lull with no immediate holiday to keep me going. Leaving isn't an option though for personal and financial reasons. Besides that, I'm not leaving Korea until I pick up my 2nd degree black belt in hapkido. When the weather eventually cools down and I get my break then things will be much better I'm sure. I may need some form of retail therapy this weekend.

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