Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Xabi Alonso fiasco

If todays reports are to be believed, Xabi Alonso's exit from Anfield could be just days away. The player has just come off the back of probably his best season in professional football and his value to the club is at its highest so this needs to be sorted out asap - one way or another. If Alonso is to stay he needs to say so and quickly. If he wants to go, he needs to spell it out crystal clear. Real Madrid have shelled out unprecedented fees this Summer but are trying to hold the club to ransom by not budging on their valuation and dragging this out for as long as they can. I can't see Rafa folding on his valuation so somethings got to give. Madrids whinging and moaning over the price tag is embarrassing and pathetic.

This ongoing transfer saga is as tedious as last Summers Gareth Barry story but for the first time since Michael Owen, a big name player looks like he will be leaving Liverpool. Alonso's importance to LFC is strong but not as strong as Gerrard, Torres or even Mascherano. He can be replaced but like Ronaldo leaving for Madrid, a like for like replacement will be tough to find. It could mean an alteration of tactics, maybe another striker coming in or perhaps a support striker being signed. One thing is for sure, Liverpool still won't have enough money to sign the players the fans really want. How much of the estimated £26-30million Rafa wants will he have to spend?

If all parties want to do a deal, then one can be done within hours (Arbeloa proves the two clubs are talking) and I expect one to be done by the end of this week. As I write this Alonso is still a Liverpool player but surely if he was going to stay he'd have come out and said so by now. Alonso out could mean David Silva and a few others coming in. Would this dilute the squad in terms of quality while adding quantity? Do the club still have time to sign the right players? He's a fans favourite and it will be interesting to hear how Rafa spins this one IF Alonso goes.

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