Monday, 24 August 2009

Appreciation in chocolate form

Every once in a while a student does something nice that is very touching. Today a student gave me a small present when they really didn't need to but I felt quite touched. Last week one young student of mine left her pencil case in my class and went home when the lesson finished. I found it in the classroom and figured out whose it belonged to and gave it to my Korean partner teacher to return to her when we taught her again. I didn't give it any more thought but today the student thanked me and gave me some chocolate which really surprised me. What a great kid, I thought. Already one of my favourite students because she tries so hard and is polite and respectful I can now add appreciative too.

I don't teach to get presents, I teach to get money but I do enjoy being in the classroom and having fun with my students. I teach a wide range of personalities and being brutally honest, there are a small number of students that I teach that almost encourage you to want them to fail in some aspect of their life. Some of them, and it is a small minority, are just so ungrateful and rude that it makes it impossible to root for them. From time to time something like today makes you still want to try for those who don't appreciate it and don't deserve it.

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