Sunday, 23 August 2009

Mr Hangover: Recovery, Korean style

Today I find myself suffering from a good nights drinking with some good people. Headache, bit of stomachache and general lethargy from last nights booze. Back home I would probably just go through the pain barrier and hope that the day passes quickly. Also I'd eat some greasy food like a bacon sandwich or something comforting like a curry. Out here I can't quite get the food I want to aid my recuperation so I have to think of something else.

Getting my hands on some Lucozade would probably do the trick but alas that's not an option out here in Korea either so I need a different pain reliever. I do not like taking any form of medicine but out here I choose to go down that route. A quick trip to the pharmacist and I got hold of some liquid that didn't taste too bad and two pills. Medicine here is cheap, around £1.75 for this hangover cure. It seems to be working. Adiós Mr Hangover, see you next time.

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