Thursday, 27 August 2009

Eyes wide open in Korea

Two days a week I have reading classes and while the students are doing their test at the beginning of the class I have about five-seven minutes to mark up to twenty six books. During this time I am also expected to check if they are copying each other doing the test too. I must check (very quickly) up to one hundred pages in total to see if they have completed the sections of their homework. I am not supposed to change any mistakes but I need to check who is doing the homework, if it's improving, if they keep making the same mistakes etc, etc.

It's not too difficult because I can scan pages quite quickly these days and I know what I am looking out for. However, most students think I don't actually look at the homework and just mark it with a pen. Even today, I noticed that two students had the same answers to every question, including grammar mistakes. Cheeky. As we can see here from one of my favourite students, some kids try and write anything and think they can get away with it, just like students everywhere probably. I ask myself what will they try next.

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