Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Clinton Vs North Korea (Part II)

Former American president Bill Clinton has arrived in North Korea to reportedly discuss the futures of two American journalists who were found guilty of illegally crossing the Chinese/North Korean border earlier this year. Presumably Clinton will try to negotiate as early a release as possible. Is this another chance for their regime to stay in the media spotlight with some outrageous statements or will something good come out of the meetings? Hopefully a resolution can be agreed on and the two women allowed to return to their homes. I look forward to reading what comes out of the North Korean propaganda machine over the next few days especially in the light of recent comments Pyongyang made about Hillary Clinton.


Esonlinji said...

I think the best we'll get out of North Korea on this will just be a few choice quotes.

Gavin said...

I have to admit that despite the serious nature of most events involving North Korea, I find almost everything statement that they roll out to be entertaining on some level.

I don't think we will see any funny press releases this time

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