Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Only Tuesday?

A conversation this week with a co-worker brought home some harsh realisations. He has some five months left on his contract and is ticking off the days till his time finishes in Korea before going travelling. He said he didn't know how I coped with so much longer left for me here, especially at the place I work.

It's not bad, repetitive but not bad. The pay is comparatively good for the work and effort I put in and I always get paid on time. I am, in general, left alone to do what I feel is right (within the narrow class framework) in the classroom. No matter how I feel at work it could certainly be a lot worse for me here.

From time to time I do have a 'lean spell' where my longing to return home appears stronger than at other times. I am in such a lean spell now. On Mondays and Tuesdays I teach six classes each day. Out of those twelve classes, I teach only three lessons plans. that means I teach one level in one class, one level in four classes and one level in seven classes - so I teach one particular lesson seven times over two days. This week has been difficult so far and we're only at Tuesday.

Easy, boring, repetitive, tedious but fun sometimes. I could do with a change but with and end of sorts in sight, though far away, I have to continue. Am I wasting my time? Am I losing more than I am gaining? To both questions I say no because soon my life will be changing forever and for the better.

I'm saving for my future - and just maybe I can get back some of the things I may have lost over the past few months and years here in Korea. Can I make it without cracking up? Well something to pick up my spirits is my holiday in October. It's in about eight weeks from now and will be four days off work hopefully somewhere sunny. It cannot come quick enough.

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