Monday, 10 August 2009

A senior moment

Last Friday one of my co-workers left for pastures new. Her contract had ended and she decided it was time to move on after two years of working at the same place. She has been there the entire time I have, joining some two months before me. Thinking about all the people I have worked with at my current workplace and out of all the teachers, managers, jaeshi teachers (university students who mark test papers) and even receptionists, there is now only one person who has been there since I joined and she's the assistant manager.

I won't even bother counting how many people I've worked with at my current school but at a guess it'll be around thirty. People come and go, a fact of life here making the job feel extremely transient. I guess now I am the 'senior teacher' meaning only that I have been here for the longest. Still there is some fourteen months left to go which hopefully will fly by. Well I'll count my money, run down the clock and enjoy making plans for my future. With the departure of one comes the entrance of another. Looking forward to what may lie in store.

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