Monday, 3 August 2009

Post for my mother

For the past twenty five years or so for some reason TV bosses in the UK of the major channels, BBC and ITV, have bought and showed a number of Australian soap operas. Presumably they are cheaper than making actual programmes, hence the plethora over the decades - I can name six without thinking about it. These have been of varying quality, from bad to very bad to Prisoner Cell Block H bad. A number of these I used to watch with my mother when I was growing up. One of these shows, Neighbours is as bad as the rest but when there was literally nothing else happening in this show, one character would bake something called 'Lamingtons' leaving us both perplexed.

Clearly these were kinds of cakes but they were ones we had never seen before, never mind eaten. For years we used to wonder what they tasted like. Now I have solved the mystery, but in Korea, not Australia. A chance stop by a Starbucks over the weekend brought back long forgotten memories and I bought two, one chocolate and one lemon, for approximately £2. They were essentially a variation of a sponge cake with coconut flakes on top and tasted not bad - light and sweet. Mystery solved but I wish my mum could have been there with me.

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